UK Craftsmanship Since 1966,


The Leather Satchel Co.

Online's Largest Collections of Satchels!

We work alongside The Leather Satchel Co. in the UK to create and stock the largest ready-2-ship leather satchel store in USA.

The Leather Satchel Co. have been hand-crafting leather satchels since 1966. The oldest surviving British Satchel Maker existing today!

Satchels are a big fashion product today and "The Leather Satchel Co." are proud to have been crafting them for over 40 years. Their bags are made to last a lifetime, with proper tender loving care. Many companies aspire to these standards of craftsmanship, but only their satchels are hand- crafted to the highest standard of excellence and warrant 5-year craftsmanship guarantee.

Both men and women have enjoyed years of usage out of their leather satchels, be it for daily wear or for special occasions the satchel is a classic style that will never go out of fashion. Due to the attention garnered by these satchels we have introduced new colors and color patterns. Everyone likes to personalize a little something and your everyday satchel is the perfect opportunity to show your true colors.

All of the bags, on this website, are ready to ship. If you have a little bit of time and would like a custom made piece we do accept bespoke orders. You can choose from one to many colors per satchel, deeper gussets, longer shoulder straps, shoulder strap pad, blind embossing or gold or silver stamping and even backpack straps.

Most of the bags featured on this website have magnetic fasteners as standard feature, but can be requested with traditional buckles fasteners for extra security. 

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